Emergency medicine phone apps

WikEM's mobile app

This is a list of mobile applications useful for the emergency practitioners (please add more).


  • WikEM on Smart Phone!
  • Epocrates
    • Drugs, pharmacology, drug cost.
  • Medscape
    • Clinical, diagnostic, and treatment component
  • Eye Handbook
    • Focused for ophthalmologists
  • Eponyms
    • Succinct description of various eponyms
  • MedCalc
    • Calculate a host of equations
  • Radiology 2.0
    • Abdominal CT scan instruction
  • Diagnosaurus
    • Differential list by symptom, disease, or organ system
  • Micromedex
    • OTC and prescribed drugs
  • MediBabble
    • Language translation to Spanish, Cantonse, Mandarin, Haitian Creole, and Russian
  • Ruler
    • Free ruler app


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