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The Brown Residency Program is proud to be the first Ivy League Emergency Medicine training program established. The primary teaching site is Rhode Island Hospital, a Level I Trauma Center, accredited stroke center, and regional tertiary care academic medical center. Rhode Island Hospital is home to one of the busiest Emergency Departments in the US, and over 106,000 patients came through the ED doors in 2015. The RIH ED is also among the top ten busiest trauma registries in the US.

In addition to the rich clinical experience at RIH, there are 2 additional training sites located on the RIH campus: Hasbro Children’s Hospital, and Women and Infants Hospital. Hasbro Children’s is a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center, a leading pediatric specialty hospital, and the region’s only center for pediatric critical care. Women and Infants is the region’s main resource for women’s health and specialty newborn care. The Miriam Hospital, the community affiliate and another training site, has an annual census close to 60,000 visits, and is located less than 3 miles from the Trauma Center. All of the training sites boast superb clinical and educational opportunities in large volume and high acuity settings.

The BrownEM Program has an accredited Medical Simulation center, procedure labs, and opportunities to explore niches such as Ultrasound, Critical Care, Global Health, EMS, Research, Injury Prevention, and Sex & Gender in EM among many others. There is a major focus on professional development, leadership, mentorship, & the Residency is well funded for research, international medicine, and wellness. Interns start with EM Orientation, and the Program is mindful of the balance between a rigorous clinical training schedule and a life outside of medicine - with abundant resources and support for EM residents to succeed.

Other benefits include a generously funded Residency Wellness/Retreat Budget; iPads; Professional development opportunities protected and funded for residents, including national (AAEM, ACEP, CORD, EMRA, SAEM) and regional conference attendance, Leadership and Advocacy conference attendance, CPC attendance, Orientation events, leadership development at all levels, and additional career development for PGY4s. Membership dues for ACEP, CORD, EMRA, SAEM, as well as supplemental educational materials, such as Board review materials, a book allowance, and more, fully funded.


  • Department Chair: Jay Schuur, MD, MHS
  • Program Director: Jessica L. Smith, MD, FACEP
  • Associate Program Director: Robert Tubbs, MD
  • Assistant Program Director: Jane Preotle, MD
  • Assistant Program Director: Nick Musisca, MD
  • Research Director: Gregory Jay, MD, PhD

Training Locations

Primary Teaching Hospital

Rhode Island Hospital: A busy Level I Trauma Center

Additional Training Sites

Hasbro Children's Hospital: A busy Level I Pediatric Trauma Center on the RIH Campus, attached to the main hospital. It offers dedicated space for orthopedics and sedation, rooms specially designed for behavioral health, a Center for Pediatric Imaging in the ED, and numerous ancillary services.

The Miriam Hospital: A high volume/acuity community affiliate (whose ED is staffed by BrownEM faculty), it is also home to the MICU and Anesthesia rotations, located 3.4 miles from RIH.

Women and Infants Hospital: One of the country's premier health care facilities for women, it is the largest obstetrical facility in the state, the second largest in New England, and the eleventh largest stand-alone obstetrical service in the United States. Residents rotate here for OB/GYN, and it is located on the RIH Campus, physically connected to RIH via a series of tunnels.

Newport Hospital: A low volume, private, not-for-profit community hospital offering acute care and community health services to the people of Newport County, greater Rhode Island, and nearby Massachusetts. 4th year residents rotate for 2 weeks of Community EM/Local Elective.



4 week rotation blocks:

  • Orientation
  • ED X 3
  • IMFU (This is Internal Medicine Follow Up: a unique hybrid of EM shifts with real time inpatient follow up on the medicine wards with an EM Faculty Member)
  • Pediatric ED
  • Medical ICU (MICU)
  • Trauma ICU (TICU)
  • Pediatric ICU (PICU)
  • Orthopedics
  • Miriam ED
  • OB/GYN
  • Anesthesia/US

3 weeks of vacation


Month-long rotation blocks start on the first of the month:

  • ED X 5
  • Miriam ED
  • Trauma X 2
  • CCU
  • Plastic Surgery
  • PEMFU (This is Pediatric Emergency Medicine Follow Up: a unique hybrid of Pediatric EM shifts with real time inpatient follow up on the pediatric wards with a Pediatric EM Faculty Member)
  • Toxicology/Elective

3 weeks of vacation


Month-long rotation blocks start on the first of the month:

  • ED X 7
  • ED/Pedi Anesthesia
  • MICU
  • Trauma
  • EMS/EM Radiology
  • Elective

Pediatric ED shifts continue throughout the year

3 weeks of vacation


Month-long rotation blocks start on the first of the month:

  • ED X 9
  • Elective X 3

Pediatric ED shifts continue throughout the year

4 weeks of vacation


Residents are free to choose any elective experience in the US or Abroad to round out their training experience.

Through the EM Division of Global Health, residents also receive funding to cover international travel expenses.


  • Disaster Medicine
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Global Health/International Emergency Medicine
  • Injury Prevention
  • Medical Education
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Research
  • Sex and Gender in Emergency Care
  • Simulation
  • Ultrasound

Contact Information

Residency Coordinator: Laura Berluti


Phone: (401) 444-6489

Fax: (401) 444-6662

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