Aria Health (combined EM/IM)


Jefferson Health NorthEast (JHNE) is the result of the Frankford Hospital System (briefly named Aria Health) transitioning from part of the Jefferson Health Network to fully integrated during a period where local hospitals such as Einstein, Kennedy, Abbington, and Lansdale all integrated with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

The combined emergency medicine/internal medicine residency allows residents to be board eligible for both specialties and is a five-year program.


  • Program Co-Directors: Andy Ogden, DO and Scott Plasner, DO

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

  • Jefferson Torresdale Hospital

Secondary Hospital

  • Jefferson Frankford Hospital
  • Jefferson Bucks Hospital



  • IM: Cardiology, General IM, Critical Care, Night Float, IM Clinic
  • EM: EM, Ultrasound, Trauma, Anesthesia, Pediatric EM


  • IM: General IM, Ambulatory IM, Pulmonary, GI, Critical Care, Night Float, IM Clinic
  • EM: EM, Ortho, Trauma, Pediatric EM, OBGYN


  • IM: General IM, Nephrology, ID, Critical Care, Night Float, IM Clinic
  • EM: EM, Burn Unit, PICU, Urology, Research, Ultrasound


  • IM: General IM, Neuro, Heme/Onc, Critical Care, Night Float, IM Clinic
  • EM: EM, Pediatric EM, Elective, Research


  • IM: General IM, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Critical Care, Night Float, Elective, IM Clinic
  • EM: EM, Pediatric EM, Admin, EMS, Tox, Research


  • Additional Ultrasound, Critical Care, Toxicology, EMS, Trauma
  • Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Wilderness Medicine
  • ECMO
  • International/Travel Medicine


  • Critical Care

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