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(Stage 1: Infection)
(Stage 3: Intoxication)
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*[[Hepatic dysfunction]]
*[[Hepatic dysfunction]]
*[[Renal failure]]
*[[Renal failure]]
[Myocardial injury
*[[Acute coronary syndrome (main)|Myocardial injury]]
*CNS dysfunction
*CNS dysfunction
*Bleeding complications
*Bleeding complications

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  • A Flavi virus transmitted by Aedes and Haemagogus mosquitos
  • 200,000 cases per year with 30,000 deaths mostly in Africa
  • Endemic in tropical areas of sub-Sahara Africa and South America

Clinical Features

Stage 1: Infection

3-4 days of:

Stage 2: Remission

Either recovers or progresses to next stage in 48 hours

Stage 3: Intoxication

15% of patients Return of symptoms plus:

Differential Diagnosis

Fever in traveler


  • CBC
  • Chem
  • LFTs
  • Coags
  • Viral PCR
  • ELISA for IgM


  • Symptomatic
  • Vaccination in endemic areas


  • Admit