WikEM algorithm project

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The WikEM algorithm project is a set of algorithms and other charts that are editable using a shared Lucid Chart account. This works better than trying to make the charts in mediawiki language.

How It Works

  1. Log In (username: info@wikem.org, password: wikem1)
  2. Select the "Template" chart and click "Create New From"
  3. Enter a relevant title for your document
  4. Use template elements to create your algorithm, follow WikEM conventions detailed in sidebar

Exporting File from Lucid Chart and Inserting in WikEM

  1. Export file from Lucid Chart
    • Select "File" > "Download As..."
    • Format: PNG, Content: Part of Current Page
  2. Upload to WikEM
  3. Put image link in relevant pages using the standard manner
  4. Then, other contributors can make changes to the chart image (so they do not have to remake the whole algorithm to change it)
    • Use Lucid Chart link from image page
    • Make changes in Lucid Chart
    • Export file using directions above
    • Upload new image version as updated version to original file (thus automatically updates on all WikEM pages with image link)





Special thanks to Dr. Tom Fadial (http://ddxof.com/) for use of his charts and work.

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