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Airway Cart x 2 & COVID-19 Attending (3rd Overnight 11a-7p) Restocking Responsibilities

  • Reference document:
  • New Airway carts are located across from MD station/Rm 6-7. These have PAPR, PPE, and airway equipment including viral filters.
  • Code is 1212
  • In an airway emergency - grab cart, Glidescope Go and a bag of disposable meds in the MED ROOM, and PAPR hood if reused.
  • PAPR, belt, tube, and hood are REUSABLE only the plastic cover over breathing tube is disposable.
  • Clean PAPR hoods thoroughly with sani-wipes when doffing to decease pathogens.
  • PAPRs and the Paprs hoods will be cleaned by SPS so after you are done using it, place in a biohazard bag and leave it in the dirty Utility room of the actual Unit where you intubated.
    • Contact SPS M-F 41811, Weekends 310-987-8710 or 323-497-4585. They will pick up, clean and deliver back to ED.

3rd Overnight 11p-7a (COVID-19) Attending Duties:

  • Airway management for crash COVID patients.
  • At the beginning of the shift, please go through the airway cart and make sure everything is stocked in the right numbers. A list will be provided in the cart.
  • Help other attendings with ED patient load.
  • If you cannot find an item, email Derrick, Miguel, Lisa and Jonie.