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*Steal syndrome = Distal hypoperfusion ischemic syndrome
*5-10% of brachial artery fistulas
*1% of radial artery fistulas
*Classically elderly woman with DM
==Clinical Features==
==Clinical Features==

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  • Steal syndrome = Distal hypoperfusion ischemic syndrome
  • 5-10% of brachial artery fistulas
  • 1% of radial artery fistulas
  • Classically elderly woman with DM

Clinical Features

  • Distal extremity becomes ischemic due shunting of arterial blood to venous side
    • Exercise pain, nonhealing ulcers, cool, pulseless digits

Differential Diagnosis

AV Fistula Complications


    • Diagnosed by Doppler US or angiography


  • Surgery


  • Admit

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