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==Differential Diagnosis==
==Differential Diagnosis==
{{Abdominal Pain Pregnancy DDX}}
{{Abdominal Pain Pregnancy DDX}}
{{VB DDX greater than 20}}

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  • Fetal blood vessels from the umbilical cord run in close proximity to cervical os
    • Seldom recognized prior to vessel disruption

Risk Factors


  • Painless bleeding occurs during SROM
    • Fetal in origin (mother's life is not at risk)
    • May lead to fetal exsanguination

Differential Diagnosis

Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy

The same abdominal pain differential as non-pregnant patients, plus:

<20 Weeks

>20 Weeks

Any time

Vaginal Bleeding in Pregnancy (>20wks)



See Also


  • Tintinalli

See Also

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