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*Pregnancy<ref name="cdc">CDC Chicken pox acyclovir treatment [http://www.cdc.gov/chickenpox/hcp/persons-risk.html#acyclovir]</ref>
*Pregnancy<ref name="cdc">CDC Chicken pox acyclovir treatment [http://www.cdc.gov/chickenpox/hcp/persons-risk.html#acyclovir]</ref>
====Immunocompetent Adult====
====Immunocompetent Adult====
*[[Acyclovir]] 800mg PO q6hrs daily x 5 days OR
*[[Acyclovir]] 800mg PO q6hrs daily x 5 days '''OR'''
*[[Valacyclovir]] 1000mg PO q8hrs daily x 14 days OR
*[[Valacyclovir]] 1000mg PO q8hrs daily x 14 days '''OR'''
*[[Famiciclovir]] 500mg PO q8hrs x 14 days
*[[Famiciclovir]] 500mg PO q8hrs x 14 days
====Immunocompromised Adult====
====Immunocompromised Adult====

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Clinical Features

Male with varicella rash: lesions in various stages of development
Classic blister during early stage of lesion development
  • Pruritic generalized vesicular exanthem with mild systemic manifestations
  • Usually affects children <10y


  • Starts on trunk or scalp as pruritic, red macules, spreads to extremities
  • Within 24hr rash becomes vesicular (on erythematous base)
  • Palms/soles spared
  • Lesions in various stages of development

Differential Diagnosis

Pediatric Rash

Vesiculobullous rashes



Varicella zoster virus


  • Typically made on clinical features


Supportive Care


  • Routine use of antiretrovirals for uncomplicated cases in immunocompetent children is not recommended [1]
  • However, evidence shows decreased days of fever and number of lesions[2]

AAP recommends antiviral treatment (within 24hrs) for patients at risk of increased illness severity:

  • Any patient older than 12 years of age
  • Patients with chronic cutaneous or pulmonary disorders
  • Patients receiving long-term salicylate therapy
  • Patients receiving short, intermittent, or aerosolized courses of corticosteroids

Other cases to consider acyclovir

  • Also consider in [3]:
  • Pregnancy[4]

Immunocompetent Adult

Immunocompromised Adult

At risk children <12yo child based on AAP criteria


  • Can include encephalitis, otitis media, pneumonia, hepatitis, strep/staph superinfection of ruptured vesicles
  • Perinatal infection in neonates may develop serious illness

See Also

Pediatric Rashes


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