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**Palms/soles spared
**Palms/soles spared
**Lesions in various stages of development
**Lesions in various stages of development
==Differential Diagnosis==

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  • Also known as "Chicken Pox"
  • Contagious until last lesion crusts over


  • Pruritic generalized vesicular exanthem w/ mild systemic manifestations
  • Usually affects children <10y
  • Rash
    • Starts on trunk or scalp as pruritic, red macules, spreads to extremities
    • W/in 24hr rash becomes vesicular (on erythematous base)
    • Palms/soles spared
    • Lesions in various stages of development

Differential Diagnosis


  • Tylenol, antihistamine, oatmeal baths
  • No Aspirin (may predispose to Reye syndrome)
  • Routine use of antiretrovirals for uncomplicated cases in immunocompetent children is not recommended (Tintinallli 7th ed)
  • Immunocompromised: IV acyclovir or high-dose PO tx (600mg/m2/day)


  • Can include encephalitis, pneumonia, hepatitis, strep/staph superinfection of ruptured vesicles
  • Perinatal infection in neonates may develop serious illness

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