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*'''Lesser Trochanter'''
*'''Lesser Trochanter'''
**Patients usually ambulatory
**Patients usually ambulatory
**pain in groin worse w/ flexion
**pain in groin worse with flexion
==Differential Diagnosis==
==Differential Diagnosis==

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  • Greater trochanter
    • caused by direct trauma (older patients) or avulsion injury (adolescents)
  • Lesser trochanter
    • avulsion due to forceful contraction of iliopsoas (adolescents) or pathologic bone

Clinical Features

  • Greater Trochanter
    • Hip pain that increases with abduction; tenderness over greater trochanter
  • Lesser Trochanter
    • Patients usually ambulatory
    • pain in groin worse with flexion

Differential Diagnosis

Femur Fracture Types

Anterior view.
Posterior view.




Location of femur fractures
  • Consider AP pelvis in addition to AP/lateral views to compare contralateral side
  • Consider MRI if strong clinical suspicion but negative x-ray


  • Treatment for both types:
    • Non-weight bearing with ortho follow up in 1-2wk


  • Outpatient

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