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Dosing variables at Template:Dosing Variables

Issues fixed:

  1. Pretreatment dosage of lidocaine changed to 1.5 mg/kg (AAP dosage is for cardiac only)
  2. Ketamine dose changed to 2 mg/kg for pretreatment (within AAP guidelines and was previous number listed in EMRA card)
  3. Vecuronium changed to 0.1 mg/kg per AAP guideline cited
  4. Rocuronium changed to 1 mg/kg (within AAP guidelines and past number and simpler)
  5. Adenosine dose fixed (0.1 mg/kg)
  6. Atropine pretreatment dosage should be listed only for the age groups that would need it (<6years)
  7. Changed phenobarbital to 10mg/k (range is 10-20, but because of sedation, I would start on lower side)
  8. "cm to teeth" function not working in 10kg note
  9. Uncuffed sizing will only appear for ages less than 8yo
  10. Rounding function (use round X)
  11. Max dosages for adult
    • Epi maxes at 1mg
    • Amiodarone max at 300mg
    • Magnesium max at 2gm
    • Adenosine max 6mg & 12mg
  12. Need to put back in the Vital signs tables from before (not auto-calculating)
  13. Max dosages for adult (it would be nice if we could simplify this code; see epi line, if we could code it so you only have to put the drug and max variable in and the rest autogenerats, which would make it easier for other people to help edit); I can't quite get it to work, but something like:
  14. On the http://www.wikem.org/wiki/Template:Dosing_Variables page there is a max dose section now. See the epi line on the CCQuickRef page
  15. It won't say adult max but it will not max out over the defined max variable on the dosing variable template
  16. Max dose of J for defibrilation (also, there is no shock #1 and #2)
  17. Calcium chloride max at 1gm
  18. Lorazepam max = 2mg
  19. Midazolam max = 2mg
  20. Hypoglycemia should be based on the following table (not working on all notes with same age)

Pediatric Hypoglycemia Dextrose Chart

Category Age Glucose Treatment Initial IV Bolus Maintenance Dose
Neonatal <2mo <40 D10W 2.5-5 mL/kg 6 mL/kg/h
Pediatric 2mo-8yrs <60 D25W 2 mL/kg


  • 6 mL/kg/h for first 10 kg
  • + 3 mL/kg/h for 11–20 kg
  • + 1.5 mL/kg/h for each additional kg >20 kg
Adult >8yrs <70 D50W 50mL (1 amp) OR 1 mL/kg
  • Consider diluting the D25 or D50 bolus, with NS 1-to-1, as those concentrations may be sclerosing to veins
  • Recheck 5 minutes after dose and repeat dose if low.
  • Consider glucagon IM/SQ if IV access is not readily available
  1. Atropine max = 1mg
  2. Procainamide max = 1.5g

To fix

  1. Amio dose for adults should not have the repeat pushes, but rather say "150 mg over 10 min, then 1mg/min x 6 hrs" or have dose and then drip rate
  1. Cardioversion for adults should have "100J, 200J, 300J, 360J (sync)" (not first and second shocks by kg)