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===WikEM-COVID19 Project Team Discussion===
*Message [[User:Sonstokes|Son Stokes, MD.]] if you are not on the WhatsApp discussion and would like on (e.g. write a message on her [[User_talk:Sonstokes|Discussion page]])
===List of Needed/Wanted/Available Additional Pages===
**Incubation period
**Infectious period
*Clinical Features
**Initial presentation
**Clinical course
^Diagnostics should be organized based on the area where patients are being seen, i.e. urgent clinic, emergency department. floor, ICU.
**Disposition criteria
**Outpatient treatment
**Inpatient treatment
**STEMI/Cardiac arrest
**Palliative care
**Withdrawal of care
**Discharge instructions
*Disaster Planning
**Triage strategies
**Testing strategies
**Infection prevention and containment
**Telehealth ("outpatient observation" approach)
**EMS (ET-3 model, "treat onsite" approach)
**Environmental factors (rural, urban, humanitarian disasters/conflict zones) 
**Resource scarcity (PPE, pumps, ventilators, etc.)
^Triage, testing strategies, and IPC will need to have different modes depending on the outbreak profile, i.e. containment (isolated cases), suppression (cluster cases), mitigation (sustained or widespread)
*"X Department"
**Platform for posting interesting cases, new research, etc.
*Non-PPE Shortages
*Non-Emergency Physicians in the Emergency Department
*Homeless Issues
*Environmental Services/Cleaning Protocols
*Triage/Fast Track Tents
*Palliative Care/End-Of-Life Issues
*COVID Testing
'''See list of existing pages below:'''
{{COVID see also}}

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