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Area Size Removal
scalp 4o,5o 5-8 days
face 5o,6o 3-5 days
chest/abd 3o,4o 7-10 days
back 3o,4o 12-14 days
upper extrem 4o,5o 8-10 days
lower extrem 3o,4o 8-12 days
foot 3o,4o 10-12 days
joint/extensor surface 3o,4o 10-14 days
joint/felxor surface 4o,5o 8-10 days

+2-3 days for elderly


  • Horizontal Mattress
    • Spreads tension over wound
    • Useful for high tension wounds
  • Vertical Mattress
    • Great for wound eversion, closure of both sup and deep layers: contraindication to deeps
  • Types
    • Absorbable for deeps
      • Never if high risk for infection
      • Good for hard to reach places (kid's mouth)
    • Vicryl
    • Lasts longer
    • Chromic
      • Faster, good for oral mucosa
    • Braided
      • Stronger but higher infection risk

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