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*Bursal fluid aspiration
*Bursal fluid aspiration
**Both diagnostic and therapeutic
**Both diagnostic and therapeutic
==Differential Diagnosis==
*[[Olecranon bursitis (nonseptic)]]
*[[Prepatellar bursitis (nonseptic)]]

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  • Most common sites are prepatellar bursa and olecranon bursa

Clinical Features

  • Acute pain, tenderness, warmth, and erythema of affected bursa
    • None of which is seen in aseptic bursitis
  • Fever (<50%)


  • Bursal fluid aspiration
    • Both diagnostic and therapeutic

Differential Diagnosis



  • Consider admission for:
    • Extensive purulent bursitis
    • Extensive surrounding cellulitis
    • Suspected joint involvement
    • Immunocompromise
    • Failure to resopnd to course of PO abx

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