Riverside Community Hospital (University of California, Riverside)

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The Riverside Community Hospital / University of California Riverside emergency medicine program (RCH/UCR) uses a supportive and collegial training environment in a high volume, high acuity, high efficiency setting to educate generations of emergency physicians, superbly equipping them to heal those in need and advance the science of emergency medicine.

Since 1901, Riverside Community Hospital has been a vital part of the Inland Empire region, and for decades people in the community have depended on the hospital for comprehensive healthcare and its highly specialized services.

RCH/UCR is a 3-year program which offers residents the opportunity to join experienced academic attendings in a friendly supportive environment that has both high patient volume and very high acuity. The program's inaugural class of eight residents was welcomed in 2017. Emergency Medicine residents train directly with clinical professors and instructors from UCR and mentor UCR medical students. The advanced simulation center at the UCR campus, located 2 miles away, provides outstanding training in both cognitive and procedural skills.

Riverside Community Hospital concluded a $400 million expansion in 2017 to 558 full-service beds. RCH is a referral center for higher level of care to the Inland Empire. The expansive emergency department sees over 114,000 patients a year and is a regional STEMI, stroke, sepsis, and trauma center. Specialty services include trauma surgery, general surgery, vascular surgery, otolaryngology, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, bariatric surgery, radiology, interventional radiology, neurology (including acute stroke), interventional cardiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, ophthalmology, oncology, radiation oncology, psychiatry, and obstetrics and gynecology.



  • Department Chair:Steven Kim, MD
  • Program Director:Gregory Guldner, MD, MS, FACEP
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director:Jason An, MD
  • Research Director:Tommy Kim, MD FAAP FACEP

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

Riverside Community Hospital



ED/Peds ED (6 ½ months)

Trauma / Acute Care Surgery (1 month)

Orthopedic Surgery (1 month)

Cardiology / CCU (1 month)

General Internal Medicine (inpatient) (1 month)

Anesthesia (1 month)

Obstetrics (2 weeks)


MICU/SICU (2 months)

PICU (2 months)

EMS / Pre-hospital care (1 month)

ED Ultrasound (1 month)

ED/Peds ED (5 months)

Elective (1 month)


ED/Peds ED (11 months)

Elective (1 month)



Contact Information

Emergency Medicine Residency Program Coordinator Kathy Haimson Phone: (951) 788-3537 Fax: (951) 788-3173 Email: Kathy.Haimson@hcahealthcare.com

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