Prevention of COVID-19 transmission in the healthcare setting

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COVID-19 PPE Summary Table

Example summary flow chart for determining PPE use

Contact Category Precations Room Type
General (all persons) Social distancing; meticulous hygiene; basic mask NA
Undifferentiated patients at risk (e.g. prior to evaluation or testing) Contact and droplet precautions, including eye protection Negative-pressure NOT required
Persons Under Investigation Contact and droplet precautions, including eye protection Negative-pressure NOT required
Aerosol-Generating Procedures Contact and airborne precautions, including eye protection Negative-pressure required

Aerosol-Generating Procedures

Due to higher risk of aerosolizing droplets; infection itself doesn’t seem to be spread via airborne route

Recommended Provider PPE

Contact (including eye protection) and airborne precautions

  • N95 mask or higher-level respirator (e.g. PAPR), plus eye protection, gloves, and gown[1]
    • Consider head coverage: sterile disposable cap with gown or bunny suit
    • Consider two pairs gloves, one under sleeves of gown and one over
    • Consider shoe covers
    • Consider buddy system for donning/doffing
      • If using PAPR, then need pre-assigned RN outside the room to help decontaminate it by wiping it down with purple wipes before you take it off
  • Negative pressure room required, if at all possible
  • Limit personnel in room to only those essential for patient care

Mask Use Technique

  • Mask donning (often incorrectly done):
    • Wash hands BEFORE touching mask
    • Grip mask by loops/bands/ties only
    • Coloured portion typically faces outward
    • Mold / pinch the stiff edge to the shape of your nose
    • Pull the bottom of the mask over your mouth AND chin
    • Make sure you are up to date with fit testing
  • Mask removal:
    • Wash hands BEFORE touching mask
    • Only make contact with the loops/bands/ties. DON’T TOUCH THE MASK ITSELF!

Aerosol-generating procedures list

Minimize exposure with these procedures when possible

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