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===Teach, MD; January 25, 2012===
===Teach, MD; January 25, 2012===
Teach, MD talks about the importance of SOPA, open information and WikEM.  Read about it at: http://teachmd.blogspot.com/2012/01/sopa-and-wikem.html
===Cal-ACEP Lifeline; February 7, 2011===
===Cal-ACEP Lifeline; February 7, 2011===

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This section is a list of external articles about WikEM and/or the OpenEM Foundation.


ParamedicToRN.org; May 14, 2014

Names WikEM as one of the top "100 helpful trauma sites to bookmark" (http://www.paramedictorn.org/trauma-care.html)

Online LPN to RN; April 23, 2014

Includes WikEM in their "Guide to Terrific Apps Every Nurse Should Be Using." http://onlinelpntorn.org/terrific-nurse-apps/

AgileMD Blog; March 12, 2014

AgileMD writes is "humbled to be a part of WikEM's efforts to provide high-quality, practical, free, open medical knowledge to all clinicians." Read more at: http://www.agilemd.com/blog/wikem-on-agilemd/

BMJ; February 3, 2014

BMJ highlights WikEM alongside a few other fantastic international resources that offer “Medical education for anyone, anywhere, anytime”. Read more at: http://blogs.bmj.com/emj/2014/02/03/tweeting-locally-reaching-globally/

Life in the Fast Lane; February 8, 2013

"This app is easy to use, easy to update and has vast swathes of content." Read more at: http://lifeinthefastlane.com/techtool-thursday-016/

iMedicalApps; January 10, 2013

"As emergency medicine resources go, [WikEM] is a comprehensive collection of useful notes related to a range of specialties...Residents and medical students will find this app particularly useful for its broad range of content and concise high-yield facts." Read more at: http://www.imedicalapps.com/2013/01/wikem-app-free-emergency-medicine-notes/

Teach, MD; January 25, 2012

Teach, MD talks about the importance of SOPA, open information and WikEM. Read about it at: http://teachmd.blogspot.com/2012/01/sopa-and-wikem.html

Cal-ACEP Lifeline; February 7, 2011


Wikipedia and the iPhone; Emergency Medicine News (April 2010)


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