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*Begin EtCO2 monitoring
*Begin EtCO2 monitoring
*Give IV/IO midazolam (weight *0.1) mg  OR
*Give IV/IO midazolam (weight *0.1) mg  '''OR'''
*Give IM/IN midazolam (weight *0.2) mg
*Give IM/IN midazolam (weight *0.2) mg

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Baseline Assessment

  • 100% O2 NRB
  • Prepare to assist ventilations
  • Obtain vital signs

Actively seizing?

  • Check blood glucose

Blood Glucose <60mg/dL?


  • Treat with Dextrose IV/IO

Active Grand Mal Seizure?


  • Midazolam (weight *0.2mg/kg) IN/IM
  • Place on EtCO2 monitoring


  • Further orders per on-line physician

Continuing seizure > 5 min?

  • Obtain IV access
  • Begin EtCO2 monitoring


  • Give IV/IO midazolam (weight *0.1) mg OR
  • Give IM/IN midazolam (weight *0.2) mg

Reassess Patient

  • Continue to monitor airway
  • Further orders as per on-line physician