Placenta previa

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  1. placenta improperly positioned between cervic and baby. can be total, partial or marginal
  2. tx c c section
  3. hem from early separation of placenta from ut- due to gradual thinning of cervix in anticipation of delivery. can also be by physical exertion, labor, local trauma (intercourse, speculum exam)
  4. assoc with intrauterine growth retardation, congenital abnormalities, and placenta prev.

Risk Factors

  1. c section
  2. previous pl previa
  3. twins
  4. D&C
  5. muliparous
  6. scarring of uterus with no place for placenta to attach except at botton near cervix


  1. painless bright red blood
  2. exam only with double set up in OR by obstetrician
  3. in ER use abd utz
  4. 90% of prev dx before 20 wks will have placnta that migrates away from cervix or lower ut segmnt will grow more


  1. c section
  2. if fetus not viable, tx in hospital until viable then c section