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#Fetal Heart Monitoring

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  1. Placenta that extends near, partially over, or beyond the internal cervical os
    1. Can be total, partial, or marginal
  2. Do NOT perform digital or speculum exam

Risk Factors

  1. Uterine sx
  2. Advanced maternal age
  3. Cigarette smoking
  4. Cocaine abuse


  • Painless vaginal bleeding
  • US
    • Shows position of placenta

Differential Diagnosis

Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy

The same abdominal pathologies as non-pregnant patients, plus:

<20 Weeks

>20 Weeks

Any time

  • Hemorrhagic ovarian cyst
  • Fibroid degeneration or torsion
  • Ovarian torsion
  • Constipation


  1. Type + cross
  2. CBC
  3. Coags
  4. Fetal Heart Monitoring


  1. C-section



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