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Two pinworms next to a ruler: The markings are 1 mm apart.

Enterobius vermicularis

Clinical Features

  • Nocturnal perianal itch
  • Sometimes vulvovaginitis and dysuria in young females

Differential Diagnosis

Helminth infections

Cestodes (Tapeworms)

Trematodes (Flukes)

Nematodes (Roundworms)


  • Cellophane tape test to be followed up as outpatient
  • Tape contents need to be spread on slide, viewed under microscope in toluene


Treatment targeted against Enterobius vermicularis

  • Mebendazole 100mg PO once THEN repeat in 2 weeks OR
  • Albendazole 400mg PO once (100mig if < 2yo) THEN repeat in 2 weeks OR
  • Pyrantel Pamoate (Pin-x) 11mg/kg (max 1g) THEN repeat in 2 weeks
    • Recommended for pregnant patients

Consider treatment for the household.


Discharge with oral treatment

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