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==2010 AHA Recommendations==
*Use Heimlich for >1yr; back/chest thrusts for <1yr
*Treat shock w/ initial 20cc/kg bolus
*[[Airway Sizes (Peds)]]
**Repeat boluses up to total of 60 mL/kg; thereafter pressors should be started
*[[Pediatric Pulseless Arrest]]
*Do not routinely hyperventilate even in cases of head injury
*[[PALS: Bradycardia]]
*Provide family w/ option of being present during resuscitation
*[[PALS: Tachycardia]]
*IO is useful as initial vascular access
*Self-Adhering Electrodes
**Use largest size that will fit on child’s chest w/o touching
**When possible leave 3cm between electrodes
**Adult size for >10kg; infant size for <10kg
*Hypotension is defined as sys BP:
**<60 (0 to 28 days)
**<70 (1mo - 12mo)
**<70 + (2 X age in yr) (1-10yr)
**<90 (≥10yr)
==[[Airway Sizes (Peds)]]==
==[[Pediatric Pulseless Arrest]]==
==[[PALS: Bradycardia]]==
==[[PALS: Tachycardia]]==

==See Also==
==See Also==

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