Non-neonatal hypoglycemia (peds)

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  1. Ingestions (e.g. ETOH)
  2. Metabolic dz^
  3. Sepsis

^Save blood tubes b/f treatment


  1. Neonate
    1. Glucose
      1. Bolus D10W 2mL/kg ; then infuse D10W @ 0.06-0.08mL/kg/min
    2. Glucagon
      1. Used for persistent hypoglycemia despite glucose administration
      2. 20-30 mcg/kg subq/IV
Age Tx Def
<2mo D10W (glu <40)
2mo-8yrs D25W (glu <60)
>8yrs D50W (glu <70)

Dose all = 2mL/kg IV (may use 4mL/kg for D10W) or use the Rule of 50 (5cc/kg for D10, 2cc/kg for D25, 1cc/kg for D50)

^recheck in all Q5min and repeat dose if low

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