Kaji Review Questions (Main)

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Amy Kaji MD PhD, faculty at Harbor-UCLA, has created an extraordinary set of Emergency Medicine review questions. Originally appearing on the wiki, the questions were not interactive and functioned poorly with the mobile apps. Since then, the 700+ questions with hundreds of full text articles, videos and images are now available as an ebook. If your residency program would like a copy of the book for all of the residents please contact us at info@wikem.org and we will gladly provide them for free.

Book Description

The Kaji Review is an evidence based clinical question book for students, residents, and attending physicians in Emergency Medicine. The book covers core content, life long learning readings, and advanced clinical care topics to advance bedside knowledge, evidence based medicine, and daily clinical practice. There are over 700 questions and hundreds of full text articles, videos, and images.

Free Preview

The first two chapters of the book are available for preview