Kaji Review Questions (Main)

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Amy Kaji MD PhD, faculty at Harbor-UCLA, has created an extraordinary set of Emergency Medicine review questions. These questions will live on WikEM with eventual incorporation into articles and CME modules. Please help format the questions for wiki quiz format.

Copy a question from the below documents and recreate it here with the wiki quiz markup. Then delete the question from the google document so that future users do not replicate the question.

wikitext rendering comments
 + The correct answer.
 || Feedback for correct answer.
 - Distractor.
 || Feedback for distractor.
 - Distractor.
 || Feedback for distractor.
 - Distractor.
 || Feedback for distractor.


The correct answer.

  • Feedback is text which is initially hidden, and then shown to the user when they submit the quiz for correction. Feedback typically serves the purposes of encouragement, explanation, congratulation and commiseration.
  • Feedback is set with all types by using a double vertical line || immediately after a response.
  • The pipes beginning the feedback section must be on a new line.
  • Unlike some other quiz systems, all feedback items are displayed on correction. With other quiz systems, the norm is to display the feedback only for those items which were selected by the user.
  • To try out the feedback effect, choose a response and click the correction button. The feedback will then appear.

Set 1 || Set 2 || Set 3 || Set 4 || Set 5 || Set 6 || Set 7 || Set 8 || Set 9

Kaji Board Review Set 1

Kaji Board Review Set 2

Kaji Board Review Set 3

Kaji Board Review Set 4

Kaji Board Review Set 5

Kaji Board Review Set 6

Kaji Board Review Set 7

Kaji Board Review Set 8

Kaji Board Review Set 9