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Impaired arachnoid villi absorption
*Impaired arachnoid villi absorption
*Also known as "Pseudotumor cerebri (PTC)" or "Benign intracranial hypertension (BIH)"

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  • Impaired arachnoid villi absorption
  • Also known as "Pseudotumor cerebri (PTC)" or "Benign intracranial hypertension (BIH)"


  1. Young, obese females
  2. Headache (worse in AM/ with manuvers increasing ICP)
  3. Papilledema (optic atrophy/vision loss)
  4. Neuro exam frequently normal


  1. CT scan (negative)
  2. LP (CSF pressure 25-40)


  1. Repeate LPs (decrease CSF pressure)
  2. Diamox
  3. Weight loss
  4. Shunt
  5. Optic nerve sheath fenestration


Admit for:

  1. Severe pain
  2. Focal findings
  3. Vision changes