Hinchey classification for diverticulitis

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  • Diverticulitis can present with range of severities and thus need for inpatient vs outpatient management


Hinchey Classification[1]

  • Based on radiographic features
    • Stage 1a- phlegmon
    • Stage 1b- diverticulitis with pericolic or mesenteric abscess
    • Stage 2 - diverticulitis with walled off pelvic abscess
    • Stage 3 - diverticulitis with generalised purulent peritonitis
    • Stage 4 - diverticulitis with generalised faecal peritonitis

Modified Hinchey Classification[2]

  • 0 Mild clinical diverticulitis
  • Ia Confined pericolic inflammation or phlegmon
  • Ib Pericolic or mesocolic abscess
  • II Pelvic, distant intraabdominal, or retroperitoneal abscess
  • III Generalized purulent peritonitis
  • IV Generalized fecal peritonitis

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