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**[[Harbor:Incoming transfers|Incoming transfers]]
**[[Harbor:Incoming transfers|Incoming transfers]]
**Exodus Transfers
***Exodus should call Psych ED about transfer, not Med ED
***Med ED will do MSE
===[[Harbor:Screening EMS Patients|Screening EMS Patients]]===
===[[Harbor:Screening EMS Patients|Screening EMS Patients]]===
===Administrative duties===
===Administrative duties===

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This is the main page for Harbor-UCLA emergency department; See Pediatric ED for the main Harbor pediatric page.

Admin Updates

  • EWC - 8/5/19 - back to scheduling directly into EWC; Cerner is working again!
  • Surge Criteria Pilot - 7/10/19: ED census for surge criteria includes R5, R6, R7, & R12; Available med/surg OR ICU/PCU

(Dr. Peterson, Dr. Stein, Mark Redulla [pt flow])

General Administrative

  • Pre-hospital
    • Incoming transfers
    • Exodus Transfers
      • Exodus should call Psych ED about transfer, not Med ED
      • Med ED will do MSE

Screening EMS Patients

Administrative duties

    • Administrative resident directions
    • Receiving Phone Calls
    • EKG Screening
    • Pre-shift: 5S
    • Airway Bag
      • Missing or low on equipment such as McGrath blades or batteries - inform the overall charge nurse (more in nursing office)
      • PURPLE SENIOR - use the laminated checklist to stock AT EACH SHIFT CHANGE on on-call days
      • Locks let you know which compartments to check
      • ED pharmacists help with meds BUT SENIORS should double check.
      • Can use new “GlideScope Go” with a MAC 3 & 4 blade, but bring it back. (It’s not part of bag).

Wu 11/2019)

Administrative resources

Managing your Patient


PC Cheat Sheet

Paging consultants

Phone numbers

Tests & Orders

Enter Prelim Rads Read



Upload Outside Films to PACS

  • Get form from clerk
  • Put patient sticker on Form
  • Check "Import"
  • Sign

Get Images on Disc (For DC or Transfer)

  • Same as upload EXCEPT
    • Check "Export"
    • Write time frame on form you want studies from

Finding Equipment/DME

ED supplies A-Z

  • A-Z listing for entire ED
    • Glidescopes - trauma 1-7
    • Slit Lamps - AED 1, teaching lamp in RME 10
  • Main Supply Room A-Z
    • WikEM1.jpg
    • WikEM2.jpg
    • WikEM3.jpg
    • WikEM4.jpg
  • Main Supply Room by cart
  • Airway Cart
  • Central Line Cart
  • Ortho/splinting Cart
  • Precipitous Delivery (BOA) Cart
  • RME 1-4 Carts
  • Suture Cart
  • Triage Hall Cart
  • Triage Room Carts


Special patient types


Patient Disposition


  • Follow-up of out patient labs/imaging
    • Any imaging or labs requested by a consultant in the ED that will NOT be resulted during the patient's stay in the ED should be ordered by the consultant making the request. Follow-up of outpatient tests can be either performed by the consultant OR by the CCC.

(Peterson 11/19)



  • Observation placement
  • CORE placement
  • Observation Patients Direct from UCC
    • Do not need an ED MSE - can go direct to OBS
    • If no OBS beds available in GOLD - should be made Direct Admits to the Hospital

Peterson 8/2019

Other Disposition


Disaster & Surge

Resident Education

See Also