Disseminated intravascular coagulation

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  1. Distinguishing the coagulopathy of severe liver disease from DIC is difficult
Abnormal laboratory values, including decreased platelets, decreased coagulation factors, and hypofibrinogenemia can be present in both conditions. However, the D-dimer assay should be normal or only minimally elevated from liver disease alone.


  1. infection
  2. carcinoma
  3. acute leukemia
  4. trauma (head)
  5. shock
  6. liver disease
  7. pregnancy
  8. vascular disease
  9. envenomation
  10. ARDS
  11. transfusion reaction


  1. PT high
  2. PTT high
  3. Platlet low
  4. Fibrinogen low
  5. FDP high
  6. D-dimer high
  7. RBCs fragmented


See Heme: Bleeding Treatment


1/26/06 DONALDSON (addapted from Tintinalli)