Critical care quick reference

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Cardioversion 100J, 200J, 300J, 360J (sync)

Defibrilation 360J, 360J, 360J

Amiodarone 300 mg IV bolus (arrest); 150 mg over 10 min, then 1mg/min x 6 hrs (perfusing)

Atropine 0.5-1mg IV [0.02 mg/kg] (max x 3)

Epi 1mg IV (1:10,000) [0.1 cc/kg] IV/IO

Lidocaine 100mg IV [1mg/kg]

Procainamide 20mg/min over 1 hr

Vasopressin 40 Units IV (once)

Other Cardiac

Adenosine 6mg, 12mg, 12mg IVP

Diltiazem 20mg IV over 2min [0.25mg/kg ], may repeat 25mg after 15min

Esmolol 500ug/kg (slow load then 50ug/kg/min)

Magnessium 2gm IVP (4cc of 50% solu) diluted in 10mL D5W

Metoprolol 5mg IVP Q5min (x 3)

NTG 10ug/min (titrate up to 200 ug/min, mix 50mg/250cc D5W)

Nipride 0.5ug/kg/min (titrate up, mix 50mg/250cc D5W)

Glucagon 1-5 mg IV

RSI (70kg)

Etomidate 20mg [0.3 mg/kg]

Versed 5-10 mg [0.1 mg/kg]

Propofol 150mg [2-3 mg/kg]

Succ 100mg [1.5 mg/kg] (if <10 y/o 2.0 mg/kg)

Roc 70mg [1 mg/kg]

Vec 7mg [0.1 mg/kg]


Ativan 2-4 mg IV [0.1mg/kgIV/IM]

Valium [0.2mg/kg IV/IO; 0.5 mg/kg PR]

Dilantin 1gm over 20 min [20mg/kg IV load, < 50 mg/min]

Phenobarbital 20mg/kg IV

Pentobarbital Coma 10mg/kg IV

Mannitol 25-100 gm over 20 min [0.25-1gm/kg IV]


Dopamine 10-20ug/kg/min (mix 400mg in 250 D5W)

Dobutamine 5-20ug/kg/min (mix 250mg in 250 mg D5W)

Levophed/NE 5-100ug/min (8mg in 500cc D5W)

Neosynephrine/phenylephrine 20-100ug/min (20mg in 250 cc D5W)

Epi 1-20ug/min (1:10,000 mix 1mg in 250 D5W)


Adapted from ACLS, Lampe, Matt Smith, Donaldson