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  • Aedes mosquito transmitted virus, originally found in West Africa but cases in the Americas beginning in 2013
  • Frequently difficult clinically to differentiate from dengue fever
  • "Chikungunya" is a Tanzanian derived word meaning “that which bends up”[1]

Geographic Distribution

Chikungunya geographic distribution

Countries and territories where chikungunya cases have been reported (as of 10/2014):

Benin American Samoa Anguilla
Burundi Federal States of Micronesia Antigua and Barbuda
Cameroon New Caledonia Aruba
Central African Republic Papua New Guinea Bahamas
Comoros Tonga Barbados
Democratic Republic of the Congo ASIA Brazil
Equatorial Guinea Bangladesh British Virgin Islands
Gabon Bhutan Cayman Islands
Guinea Cambodia Colombia
Kenya China Costa Rica
Madagascar India Curacao
Malawi Indonesia Dominica
Mauritius Laos Dominican Republic
Mayotte Malaysia El Salvador
Nigeria Maldives French Guiana
Republic of Congo Myanmar (Burma) Grenada
Reunion Pakistan Guadeloupe
Senegal Philippines Guatemala
Seychelles Saudi Arabia Guyana
Sierra Leone Singapore Haiti
South Africa Sri Lanka Jamaica
Sudan Taiwan Martinique
Tanzania Thailand Montserrat
Uganda Timor Nicaragua
Zimbabwe Vietnam Panama
EUROPE Yemen Puerto Rico
Italy Saint Barthelemy
France Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Martin
Sint Maarten
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
United States
US Virgin Islands

Clinical Features


Chikungunya rash on foot2
  • Fever typically greater than 39deg
  • Polyarthralgias, bilateral and symmetrical
  • Rash- maculopapular
  • Myalgias
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Lymphocytopenia
  • Elevated LFTs
  • AKI
  • 3-7d incubation period
  • Possible "saddle-back fever"
    • Febrile again 1-2 days after afebrile period
    • Afebrile period typically 4-10 days


  • May cause long-term symptoms, with long-term musculoskeletal pain from months to years post infection[2]

Differential Diagnosis

Fever in traveler

Travel-related skin conditions

See also domestic U.S. ectoparasites

Maculopapular rashes


  • CBC w diff, Cr, LFTs
  • contact CDC for specialized testing; recommends tiger top tube


Symptomatic treatment: acute symptoms usually resolve in 7-10d


  • Normally able to be treated as outpatient, unless complication

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  2. Gérardin et al. "Predictors of Chikungunya rheumatism: a prognostic survey ancillary to the TELECHIK cohort study." Arthritis research & therapy. Jan 9, 2013. 15(1). pmid=23302155. doi=10.1186/ar4137