Bupropion toxicity

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  • Bupropion is a norepinephrine/dopamine reuptake inhibitor used for depression, ADHD, and smoking cessation
  • Structurally part of the synthetic cathinones
  • Toxicity occurs with ingestion of >450mg/d

Clinical Features

Differential Diagnosis




  • Activated charcoal or gastric emptying are not indicated
    • Consider whole-bowel irrigation for sustained-release formulations
  • Seizure Treatment
  • Early vasopressor and ionotropic agents for hemodynamic instability (Bupropion depresses myocardial contractility)
  • Sodium bicarbonate if QRS prolongation
    • May be unresponsive to bicarb[2]as mechanism of QRS prolongation thought thought to be secondary to inhibition of gap junctions[3]
  • Intralipid[4] or ECMO for refractory cases


  • Consider discharge if asymptomatic after 8hr for regular-release ingestions

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