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*[[Packed Red Blood Cells]]
*[[Packed Red Blood Cells]]
*[[Platelet Transfusion]]
*[[Platelet Transfusion]]
*[[Fresh Frozen Plasma]]
==[[Fresh Frozen Plasma]]==
#Contains all coagulation factors and fibrinogen
##40 mL/kg raises any factor by 100% (each unit is ~200mL)
#May cause fluid overload
#ABO compatibilty a must but crossmatch before transfusing not
#INR of FFP is ~1.2
#Rapid reversal of warfarin over-anticoagulation
#Bleeding and multiple coagulation defects
#Correction of coagulation defects for which no specific factor is available
#Transfusion of more than one blood volume w/ evidence of active bleeding + coagulopathy
#Transfuse at least 15 mL/kg at a time (4 units in 70-kg adult)
==[[Cryoprecipitate Transfusion]]==
==[[Cryoprecipitate Transfusion]]==

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Cryoprecipitate Transfusion


  1. Cold insoluble protein fraction of FFP
  2. Contains: fibrinogen, vWF, and factor VIII
  3. 1 bag (10ml) has 50-500 units of factor 8 activity


  1. Bleeding with fibrinogen level of <100 milligrams/dL
  2. Dysfibrinogenemia
  3. Bleeding in vWD that is unresponsive to DDAVP and Factor VIII is unavailable (can also use Humate-P, FFP doesn't work well)


  1. 1 unit/5kg (usually 10 units are given at a time)
    1. Will raise fibrinogen level by 75



  1. Contains: vWF and factor VIII


  1. Hemophilia A (can also use factor VIII, FFP doesn't work well)
  2. vWD that is unresponsive to DDAVP (can also use cryo, FFP doesn't work well)


Depends on condition and severity of bleeding

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