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#warfarin or ASA
#warfarin or ASA
==See Also==

==Source ==
==Source ==

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  1. pRBCs
  2. DDAVP 0.3mg/kg subQ or IV (max 20mg)
  3. Platelets
  4. FFP
  5. Cryopreticipate
  6. Vitamin K (10mg SQ/IM)
  7. Protamine (Heparin)
  8. Estrogen (Uterine, renal)
  9. PPI/Pepcid/Octreotide (GI)

Warfarin/Vitamin K Deficiency

  1. FFP
  2. Vitamin K (+/- takes 24hrs to affect & 2wk to wear off)


  1. Protamie (1mg IV Q100 U of heparin in previous 4hrs)
  2. Massive bleed --> cryoprecipitate (10 U IV), then FFP (& platelets, aminocaproic acid infusion if nec)

Liver Disease

See Coagulation Disorders

Renal Disease

See Coagulation Disorders



Factor VIII Inhibitor

(PTT does not correct after mixing)

  1. high dose Factor VII, prothrombin, or recombinant factor VIIa

Lupus Anticoagulant


  1. warfarin or ASA

See Also


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