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The Albany Medical Center Emergency Medicine Residency, founded in 1988, is a PGY 1-3 ACGME accredited program with 12 resident physicians per year.

Established in 1988, AMC has become the busiest level 1 trauma center in New York State. Our 70 bed adult emergency department cares for approximately 90,000 patients a year, including 22,000 pediatric patients in our newly built 34 bed pediatric emergency department. The hospital has been designated a Level 1 Adult and Level 2 Pediatric Trauma Center, with over 3600 trauma activations, including a substantial number of penetrating trauma patients. In addition, AMC is a Comprehensive Stroke Center and a Cardiac Catheterization Center and is home to multiple dedicated ICUs including pediatric, medical, surgical, neurology, vascular, and cardiothoracic, totaling more than 75 critical care beds.

AMC has an impressive catchment center of over 3 million patients in 25 surrounding counties. As the only tertiary care center in the capital region, our emergency department cares for an incredibly diverse patient population. Our immediate environment includes urban, suburban, and rural environments, and the pathology of our patient presentations reflects these diverse backgrounds. In addition, AMC receives the sickest and most complicated patients transferred for our highest level of specialty care. Over the past few years, AMC has accepted around 12,000 patient transfers yearly.

We have an established and proven record of training residents to be proficient in their skills, evidence based in their thinking, and leaders in the field of emergency medicine. In addition to the emergency department, our residents rotate through multiple critical care specialties to better care for the sickest patients who present to the ED. They also rotate in other specialties such as orthopedics, anesthesia, and OB for additional skill acquisition. Our pediatric emergency medicine training is thorough including both dedicated PEM time and scattered shifts. In addition, residents participate in quality interdepartmental simulations in our cutting-edge simulation center, and practice procedural skills in our fresh frozen cadaver lab.

The AMC curriculum and training environment creates graduates ready for all practice environments. Our alumni have thrived as single-provider physicians in community emergency departments and have matched to the most competitive academic fellowships throughout the nation. The curriculum has 6 weeks of elective time for residents to explore potential subspecialty interests. No matter your interest, our program will set you up for success.

AMC faculty are committed educators with diverse fellowship-training. Our attendings are trained in surgical and medical critical care, sports medicine, resuscitation, ultrasound, EMS, simulation, toxicology, and administration. The depth in subspecialized faculty is central to the thorough and complete education residents receive on shift and in conference. It also allows us to offer fellowships in EM/Surgical Critical Care, Prehospital Medicine (EMS), ultrasound, and administration.

Most importantly, we value the wellness of our residents. The resident schedule is designed with intention allowing adequate time to rest and socialize. Conference time is protected, even for off-service rotations. As the capital of NY, Albany is home to breweries, cafes, and various restaurants. There is no shortage of hiking trails, picnic areas, and lakes to explore. The program also sponsors events for residents throughout the year such as journal club evenings and resident versus attending paintball.


  • Department Chair: Denis Pauze, MD
  • Program Director: Sean Geary, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Yvonne Chow, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Jessica Noonan, MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Alexandar Bracey, MD
  • Research Director: Andrew Chang, DO

Training Locations

  • Saratoga Hospital (Community)
  • Albany Medical Center, South Clinical Campus (Anesthesia)
  • St. Peter's Hospital (Obstetrics)

Primary Hospital

  • Albany Medical Center, Main Campus


During EM Blocks residents work 9 hour shifts with 8 hours of patient care and 1 hour for patient wrap up and sign-out. PGY1 residents work on average 20 shifts per 4 week block. Four weeks of vacation time are integrated into the ED blocks.


  • Orientation - 1 Block
  • Emergency Medicine - 7 Blocks
  • Peds EM - 1 Block
  • MICU - 1 Block
  • SICU - 1 Block
  • Anesthesia - 0.5 Block
  • OB - 0.5 Blocks
  • Orthopedics Urgent Care - 0.5 Block
  • Ultrasound - 0.5 Block


  • Pediatric and Adult EM - 10 Blocks
  • PICU - 1 Block
  • Cardiac ICU - 1 Block
  • Toxicology - 0.5 Block
  • Selective - 0.5 Block


  • Adult/Peds Emergency Medicine - 10 Blocks
  • Community EM - 1 Block
  • EMS - 0.5 Block
  • Administration - 0.5 Block
  • Elective - 1 Block



Contact Information

Residency Coordinator: Kara Giglia Email: Phone: +1 518 262 6455

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