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*[[Toxic Shock Syndrome]]
*[[Toxic Shock Syndrome]]
*[[Drug eruption]]
*[[Drug rash]]
*[[DRESS syndrome]]
*[[DRESS syndrome]]

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  • T-cell mediated rash with systemic features
  • >90% of cases attributable to a medication (usually an antibiotic)
  • Mortality rate of ~5%

Clinical Features

Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis.png
  • Onset 1-5 days after starting causative medication
  • Rash:
    • Large areas of edematous erythema with numerous small, non-follicular pustules
    • Predominantly affects main body folds and upper trunk, but can involve face
    • NO mucous membrane involvement (in contrast to SJS/TEN)
  • Systemic findings:

Differential Diagnosis


  • Clinical diagnosis
  • CBC
  • BMP
  • LFTs


  • Stop inciting agent
  • IVF- treat similar to fluid resuscitation in burns
  • Wound care, infection control


  • Admit

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