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*[[ACLS (Main)]]
*[[ACLS (Main)]]
*[[Bradycardia (Wide)]]
*[[Bradycardia (Wide)]]

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  • Only intervene if pt is symptomatic
    • Hypotension, AMS, chest pain, pulm edema
  • 1st Line
    • Transcutaneous pacing
    • Chronotropes
      • Dopamine 2-10mcg/kg/min
      • Epineprhine 2-10mcg/min
  • 2nd Line
    • Atropine 0.5mg q3-5m can be given as temporizing measure
      • Do not give if Mobitz type II or 3rd degree block is present
  • Transvenous pacing required if transQ pacing + chronotropes is ineffective

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