ACE inhibitor

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  • Angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitor

ACE inhibitor and ARB equivalent doses in Hypertension

ACE inhibitors dosages for hypertension
Name Equivalent daily dose Start Usual Maximum
Benazepril 10mg 10mg 20–40mg 80mg
Captopril 50&mg (25mg bid) 12.5–25mg bid-tid 25–50mg bid-tid 450mg/d
Enalapril 5mg 5mg 10–40&mg 40mg
Fosinopril 10mg 10mg 20–40mg 80mg
Lisinopril 10mg 10mg 10–40mg 80mg
Moexipril 7.5mg 7.5mg 7.5–30mg 30mg
Perindopril 4mg 4mg 4–8mg 16mg
Quinapril 10mg 10mg 20–80mg 80mg
Ramipril 2.5mg 2.5mg 2.5–20mg 20mg
Trandolapril 2mg 1mg 2–4mg 8mg
Imidapril 5mg 5mg 10mg 20mg
Valsartan 80mg -- -- --
Losartan 50mg -- -- --

Drug class side effect profile

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