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As one of the oldest emergency medicine residencies in the country, the Sparrow/MSU EM Residency-Lansing, conducted within the Sparrow Health System and McLaren-Greater Lansing, has a long and vibrant history of excellence.

More than 35 years ago, Dr. John Wiegenstein began the arduous process of establishing the specialty of Emergency Medicine within the medical profession. Dr. Wiegenstein was the first president of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and worked for decades at McLaren Hospital. He served as faculty in the residency until his retirement and was a man of great vision.

As part of his legacy, he recruited dedicated faculty and established a collegial relationship between two healthcare systems in Lansing, Michigan. He also developed a long-standing relationship between the residency and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and College of Osteopathic Medicine that still exists today. We have the privilege of being affiliated with Michigan State University, a Big Ten school with all the attributes including a College of Veterinary Medicine, while retaining the community-training focus. This model has served our residents well.

The philosophy of our residency is one of community-training with university-affiliation to create physicians who are skilled in all niches of emergency medicine, able to work in any setting, and who care for patients from all walks of life equally. We aim to truly embody the philosophy of "Anything, Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime." Carrying that spirit, our graduates have traveled the globe, achieved fellowship status in many sub-specialties, become leaders in national organizations, program directors, department directors, Heroes of Emergency Medicine, and leaders in their communities.


  • Program Director: David Castle, DO, FACEP
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: David Betten, MD
  • Osteopathic Program Director: Mary Hughes, DO, FACEP, FACOEP
  • Ultrasound Director: Spyros Boukouris, MD, RDMS
  • Research Director: Mary Hughes, DO, FACEP, FACOEP
  • Program Coordinator: Renee Day

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

E.W. Sparrow Hospital

Secondary Hospital

McLaren-Greater Lansing Hospital

Sparrow Carson Hospital


4 weeks per block, 13 blocks per year


Orientation / Emergency Medicine -- 4 weeks

Emergency Medicine -- 10 weeks

Cardiology -- 4 weeks

Sparrow ICU -- 12 weeks

Trauma Surgery -- 4 weeks

PICU -- 4 weeks

Obstetrics/Gynceocology -- 2 weeks

Pediatric EM -- 4 weeks

Internal Medicine (McLaren) -- 4 weeks

Anesthesia -- 1 week

Vacation -- 3 weeks


Emergency Medicine -- 32 weeks

Sparrow ICU -- 4 weeks

Peds Surgery/Sedation -- 4 weeks

Pediatric EM -- 4 weeks

Selective*/Elective -- 4 weeks

Vacation -- 4 weeks


Emergency Medicine -- 36 weeks

Rural Emergency Medicine (4 weeks)

Sparrow ICU -- 4 weeks

Selective*/Elective -- 4 weeks

Vacation -- 4 week


Required to take all the following during the 3-year residency period:

Stroke -- 2 weeks

Plastic/Hand Surgery -- 1-2 weeks

Orthopedics -- 2-4 weeks

Ophthalmology -- 1 weeks

EMS -- 1 week (80 hour EMS requirement: Ride-Along/Teaching can be concurrent with other rotations)

SAFE (Sexual Assault Forensic Examination) -- concurrently with Selectives/Electives (see policy)


Clinical Investigation/Ultrasound -- 1 - 2 weeks

ENT -- 2 weeks

Forensic Pathology -- 1-2 weeks

Radiology -- 1 week

Toxicology -- 1 week

Urology -- 1-2 weeks

Emergency Ultrasound -- 1-4 weeks

Pediatric Sedation -- 1-2 weeks

Senior Teaching E.M. Rotation -- 1-4 weeks

Manual Medicine/OMM -- 2-4 weeks

PICU -- 3-4 weeks

Research -- 2 weeks

ED administration -- 1 weeks

Legal -- 1 week

Oral Surgery -- 1 week


Surgical Critical Care

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Department of Surgery

Contact Information

Renee Day (Program Coordinator)

Office: (517) 364-2583


Fax: (517) 364-3002

Mailing address: Sparrow Hospital, 1215 East Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI 48912

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