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Disaster Binder

There is a disaster binder in the Doctor's Room in the AED, which outlines your specific roles


  • Re: the CHEMPACK : Just as a reminder, Harbor is one of the recipients of the CDC sponsored CHEMPACK, which is a stockpile of medications designed to treat victims of a nerve agent exposure (e.g, in a terrorist attack). Basically, the CHEMPACK contains Mark-1 Autoinjectors, Diazepam Autoinjectors, Pralidoxime, Atropine Autoinjectors, Atropine and Diazepam multi-dose vials, and sterile water for injection vials. It is stored in the basement in the central pharmacy under strict surveillance via cameras and a phone that is directly connected to the CDC.
  • There are 2 CONDITIONS that must be met before deployment of a CHEMPACK:
    • The incident must be a true mass casualty incident, with AT LEAST 50 victims.
    • A NERVE AGENT must be responsible for the casualties.
  • The ED Attending will probably be the one who initiates deployment of the CHEMPACK in a mass casualty incident. If you think a situation meets the above two criteria, then you would simultaneously notify the CENTRAL PHARMACY (Ext. 2363) and the EMS Agency that a mass casualty incident has occurred and at least fifty victims of a nerve agent exposure are anticipated. The pharmacy staff will access the CHEMPACK, which will automatically alert the CDC (and thereby the FBI) that we have deployed the CHEMPACK. We may also be asked to deploy the CHEMPACK to an outside facility (although it may be futile to do so, by that time).

Decontamination Trailer

  • Re: the need to have the decontamination trailer set up: If you need the decontamination trailer set up, please do the following:
  • Before 5pm, call X3301, and tell the secretary that we are expecting contaminated victims in the ED and will need them to deploy the decontamination trailer.
  • After 5pm, you will need to page the one mechanical staff person on-call, and his pager number is 501-2848. This person is supposed to be stationed in the Power Station at all times, and so he can also be reached by calling him at extensions X3324 or X3228.
  • (At this time, in addition to all of the graduating senior residents, there are a few nurses (Gideon, Ria, Grace, Essence), as well as mechanical and clerical personnel that are ?certified? to don the PPE. During the EMS rotation, the residents were also taught how to don and doff the PPE).

Disaster Closet

The key to the disaster closet with the PPE (outside the ambulance bay) is with the charge nurse and in the Pyxis.

Decontamination Shower

The key to the new, fixed decontamination shower outside the current ambulance bay is the LA-25 key, which opens all of the bathrooms. I would recommend using this decontamination shower for incidents that only involve one or two people, and before the large decontamination trailer can be set up. Note that simple soap and water is what is recommended for decontamination.

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